Getting Started

On Windows

I have never used Windows, so sadly I have no tutorial for how this will all work on Windows.

However, I do know that you can download and install GNU Emacs on Windows from although you will probably require an FTP client to retrieve that zip file. A good free FTP client is FileZilla and a good ZIP program is 7-zip.

After you download and unzip Emacs, installing it is easy. The part I do not know is where the .emacs file should go in the Windows file system.

If you are an experienced Emacs-on-Windows user and would like to write a tutorial on how to do this, please contact me.

Until someone writes such a tutorial, please see the Mac OS or GNU Linux tutorials and try to translate what is happening there into what you know of Windows. Hopefully a tutorial custom-tailored for Windows will come along soon! If you are running Windows, have no fear; screenwriter-mode will work!