3.7 Skribilo User Manual — Font
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The function font enables font selection.

(font [:face] [:size] [:class] [:ident] node...)
:identhtml lout latex context info xml The node identifier.
:classhtml lout latex context info xml The node class.
:sizehtml lout latex context The size of the font. The size may be relative (with respect to the current font size) or absolute. A relative font is either specified with a floating point value or a negative integer value. A positive integer value specifies an absolute font size.
:facehtml lout The name of the font to be used.
node...The nodes of the font.
 (item (font :size -2 [A smaller font.]))
 (item (font :size 6 [An absolute font size.]))
 (item (font :size 4. [A larger font.]))
 (item (font :face "Helvetica" [An helvetica example.])))
Ex. 10: The font markup

... produces:

  • A smaller font.
  • An absolute font size.
  • A larger font.
  • An helvetica example.
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