Recalls - data structures

AgsCopyPatternAudio — copy audio pattern
AgsCopyPatternAudioRun — copy pattern
AgsCopyPatternChannel — copy patterns channel
AgsCopyPatternChannelRun — copys pattern
AgsPlayNotationAudio — play audio notation
AgsPlayNotationAudioRun — play notation
AgsRecordMidiAudio — record audio midi
AgsRecordMidiAudioRun — record midi
AgsPlayWaveAudio — play audio wave
AgsPlayWaveAudioRun — play wave
AgsPlayWaveChannel — play channel wave
AgsPlayWaveChannelRun — play wave
AgsCaptureWaveAudio — capture audio wave
AgsCaptureWaveAudioRun — capture wave
AgsCaptureWaveChannel — capture channel wave
AgsCaptureWaveChannelRun — capture wave

Recalls interacting with data structures like patter, notation and wave.