Part V. Thread - Multi-threaded tree

Table of Contents

AgsAutosaveThread — auto safe
AgsConcurrencyProvider — concurrency interface
AgsConditionManager — condition manager
AgsDestroyWorker — destroy worker
AgsGenericMainLoop — generic loop
AgsMessageDelivery — message delivery
AgsMessageQueue — message queue
AgsMutexManager — mutex manager
AgsPollingThread — polling thread
AgsPollFd — Perform operations in a thread safe context.
AgsReturnableThread — returnable thread
AgsSingleThread — single threaded environment
AgsTask — Perform operations in a thread safe context.
AgsTaskCompletion — task completion
AgsTaskThread — task thread
AgsThread — threads
AgsThreadApplicationContext — threaded application context
AgsThreadPool — thread pool
AgsTimestamp — Timestamp unix and alike
AgsWorkerThread — worker thread
Thread files - Reading/Writing audio data from disk